How To Get Job Offer In Canada From India? Job in Canada for Indians

How To Get Job Offer In Canada From India

Canada is a beautiful country to live and work in. Offering huge benefits to the new migrants and the PR holders, it gains additional brownie points for these offerings and ranks on top for being the choicest international destination for immigration. For Indians wishing to relocate, getting a job offer from Canada is their biggest dream come true.

As you must be aware of the recent positive developments in the bilateral ties between India and Canada, this is surely the best time to plan your relocation to Canada. Owing to free healthcare, free education, improved state of the public service sector, and better salaries, there is no denying the fact that Canada is a better choice than India for those aiming at exponential personal and professional growth. Looking at these favourable conditions, Canada has over time become the most sought-after destination for Indians.

Canada, just like India, has a diverse and strong work culture. Indians do not find it any difficult to adjust and instead have a great time working with the Canadian employers. The professionalism in Canada is also more or less on the same lines as in India but Canada surely offers better salaries for the same skill set and work experience. Also facilitating the migration of the family, Canada has made it more easier for Indians to plan and execute their aspirations of emigrating to Canada for a better lifestyle.

Permanent Residency for Job Offer in Canada

As Canada treats all its Permanent Residents ( Canadian PR holders ) as its own citizens, working in Canada with a PR status is a more attractive deal than working in Canada on a work visa. The Canadian PR is the like the Green Card of America, not simple to apply and receive one but surely worth the time and effort spent in the application process due to innumerable benefits and perks.

Though there is less paperwork and quicker processing times for a work visa than that for permanent residency, opting for Permanent Residency is a beneficial decision for the long run. As PR is granted only after thorough analysis of the candidate’s profile and verification of his/her documents, a Canadian employer prefers a candidate with PR as his/her data is sure to have been pre-verified by the Canadian government. The PR also acts as a proof of the candidate’s skill set and a validation of his/her physical and mental health.

How to Apply for Canadian PR Visa ?

Express Entry Program

Of all the available methods of application, the Express Entry Program is highly advisable for any candidate as it is a points-based system and has comparatively low processing time. Each candidate fills the online application and is given a score called the CRS score based on his/her profile that includes age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency, and a few other factors.

The candidates with the highest CRS score are then shortlisted to form the Express Entry Pool. For an applicant of the Federal Skilled Workers Program, it is mandatory to have a minimum CRS score of 67 points to be shortlisted. The candidates in the pool are then sent the invitation to apply (ITA) for Canadian PR.

The Express Entry Program is a very fair selection process as all candidates are given scores on the basis of their profile only. Only the most deserving candidates are given a chance to apply for immigration and Canadian Permanent Residency.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Canada comprises of a large number of provinces and each province has its own set of requirements in terms of the candidate’s skill set, job experience, and language proficiency. A certain skill set may be in high demand in one province and may have less significance in some other province.

An applicant can browse the requirements of each Canadian Province and see if his/her profile is suitable for a vacancy in any province. If the candidate seems to have an appropriate profile for a vacancy in a province, he/she can apply to that particular provinces’ Provincial Nominee Program. If the candidate gets selected by the province, he/she earns 600 additional points for his Express Entry profile which is sure to get him shortlisted for the Express Entry pool.

The only condition for most PNP programs is that the candidate must be able to showcase his/her interest in residing and working in the same province after successfully migrating to Canada.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

The Quebec province of Canada has a separate program called QSWP for skilled candidates who are willing to economically establish themselves in the Quebec province. To apply to this program, a candidate must apply online for QSWP, also called the Regular Skilled Worker Program.

Once the candidate completes the application process for QSWP and gets selected, he/she is offered the Quebec Selection Certificate. With reference to this certificate, the candidate can then apply for permanent residency with the Canadian federal government.

It is not necessary for a candidate to have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer before applying for Permanent Residency, but if the candidate has one, he/she can earn additional points on the basis of job in his/her Express Entry profile.

Apply for a job in Canada from India

Express Entry Program

Independent of your academic qualification and/or work experience, we would suggest you to apply for PR via the Express Entry Program as it is the most reliable method for getting your desired job in Canada while you are still in India.

Searching for a job from the Express Entry Pool is a hassle-free and quick process. There is a huge database of Canadian employers who are looking for international skilled workers to fill up the available vacancies in their companies. The applicants can easily conduct a job search and access Canada’s top employers.

If a candidate is selected by an employer, the employer submits an application to the immigration department in the candidate’s favour and confirming his employment in the firm. This will have a positive effect on the candidate’s profile and fast-track his application processing.

This is the ideal application process for professionals with huge work experience as they have a high probability of being quickly hired by the employers registered in the Express Entry portal.

International Transfer By The Company

If you are employed with an international company in India that also has an office in Canada, you hold a chance of getting an international transfer to the company’s Canada office. Though the probability of your transfer depends majorly on your skill set, experience, performance, and the project requirements in the company’s Canada office, you still can try and succeed by making stringent efforts.

This may not be the most reliable option but if you succeed in doing so, you may be able to apply and get the Canadian PR after 1 to 2 years of continued work experience in Canada. This is the most feasible option for professionals working in international firms who are willing to continue working in the same firm for an extended period of time after migrating to Canada.

Apply For Job Through International Online Job Portals

In this digital era, there are many online job portals with international job offers from across the World. These can be used by candidates to search for relevant jobs in Canada and contact the employers with their resume and profile details.

There are only small to medium size enterprises registered on these job portals, the big enterprises generally do not search for candidates via such job portals. These are suitable for candidates with less work experience who are looking for a short term job opportunity and plan to switch job after moving to Canada.

An immigrant must be aware of the fact that a Canadian employer can offer a vacant position to him/her, if and only there is no Canadian citizen or Canadian PR holder suitable for that particular job role. It is only after the employer has exhausted all possibilities of choosing a local resident for the post, is he legally allowed to choose a foreign national for that vacancy.

After discussing all the details above, we would like to acknowledge the fact that looking for a job in Canada while you are still in India is a tedious task. It may sound easy but takes a lot of time and effort without the guarantee of success!

There are huge opportunities for Nurses, Dentists, CA, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Architects, and Web Developers too. The best way to look for a job in Canada is to get in touch with professionals who have years of experience in the emigration industry and can assure you of positive results.

Look no further as we at Round World Immigration are here to sort everything for you. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the available job opportunities, employment status, and the application process. We help you make efficient job search based on your credentials and delivery fruitful results. Having numerous happy clients in our kitty, we are your trustworthy partners for your immigration journey to Canada!

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