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Canada Permanent Residency Visa is a valuable possession for any candidate as it allows him/her to enjoy all benefits as offered to the Canadian citizens. As Canada is calling the skilled and experienced professionals from around the Globe, it is a golden period for all aspirants to test their luck and destiny for Immigration to Canada.

The Canada PR Visa status allows candidates, who are not citizens of Canada to live and work in Canada. These candidates are also allowed to call their family – mother, father, spouse, sister, etc to Canada and setup a new home.

These candidates make a good living in Canada while as a nation, Canada is able to improve its overall financial growth rate.

There are certain pre-requisites and some stringent eligibility criteria that Canada uses to choose the most appropriate candidates from the large number of applications that it receives.

A candidate who fulfills all eligibility criteria is selected for immigration and thus Canada Permanent Residency Visa. Please note, temporary and non-immigrant Canadian visas like – Family VisaStudent VisaTravel Visa, etc are not eligible for Canada PR Visa status.

Visa Assissment

Canada Permanent Residency Visa Categories:

Express Entry Program

In 2015, Canada introduced the Express Entry Program to overcome the disadvantages of its existing immigration program. Express Entry Program is a much more simplified scheme and has a faster application processing time.

Since its launch, the Express Entry Program has been trusted by thousands of applicants from many different countries of the world. Under this program, all applicants create their online profiles and mention their most accurate personal and professional details like – age, academic qualifications, additional skill set, work experience, language proficiency, etc.

Based on their details and by using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the applicants are given numerical scores called their CRS scores. By arranging the applicants in decreasing order of their CRS scores, IRCC sends the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for immigration to only a handful for highest scoring candidates.

These candidates have to submit their supporting documents and desired certificates in a given time frame of having received the ITA. Soon after the verification of these documents, the candidates are called for interview and hence offered the immigration to Canada.

Having a job offer from a Canadian employer before creating the online profile for Express Entry Program is beneficial for the candidate as it fetches him/her additional points towards eligibility and selection.

There are several immigration schemes under the Express Entry Program:

Each of the above schemes has its own eligibility criteria and application submission rules. A candidate must apply only after cross-verifying his/her eligibility and collecting all relevant documents that may be required by the Canadian immigration authorities

Provincial Nominee Program

A few Canadian provinces also have their own immigration programs called the Provincial Nominee Programs or PNP in short. These programs are also a part of the Express Entry Program but have certain requirements of their own.

Any candidate who fulfills the requirements of a Canadian province and meets the eligibility criteria can apply for its PNP program and seek approval. Once approved, the candidate can immigrate to Canada but shall have to live and work in the same Canadian province only.

Getting a job offer from a Canadian Province and approval for a PNP program gives the extra benefit of 600 additional points to the candidate in his/her Express Entry Profile. Thus, getting selected in a Canadian PNP Program almost always confirms the candidate’s selection in the Express Entry Program. PNP programs offer an exclusive entry process to Canada where the applicant beats the competition and enjoys a high chance of selection.

There are many Canadian Provinces that have launched their own PNP Programs, following is a list of them:

Each province has its own exclusive requirements and eligibility criteria. While one province may be in demand of Engineers, the other one may be at the lookout of Doctors. It is vital for each applicant to browse through each province’s pre-requisites and choose the province to apply for immigration.

As and when a candidate meets all immigration eligibility criteria, the Canadian government issues him/her a Permanent Residency card that clearly mentions his/her immigration and Canada PR Visa status.

Canadian PR Visa Document Checklist

There are certain documents that are necessarily demanded by the Canadian Immigration authorities while the candidate must keep the few others also handy to ensure their application does not get stuck in the immigration process due to lack of relevant supporting documents.

Following is a complete list of documents that the applicant must possess before beginning his/her Canadian immigration process :

  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Requisite Fees
  • Language Assessment Test Reports
  • Skill Assessment Test Reports
  • Sufficient Fund’s Proof – Bank Statements or reports from any other financial institution
  • Documents required under various visa categories
  • Marriage Certificate or common-law partner certificate
  • Legal documents that suggest any name change, adoption order or court order
  • Divorce papers
  • PR Card (in case the candidate is applying to renew his/her existing PR card)
  • Union declaration
  • Revocation of declaration or union annulment

In certain cases like if the applicant has been residing outside Canada for more than 5 years, IRCC may demand some more documents. Experienced immigration agency, Round World Immigration has the most up to date knowledge about the desired list of documents as updated by the immigration authorities of Canada. Reach out to them for the most authentic immigration advise.

How to Apply for Canada PR Visa

The application process for immigration to Canada is fairly simple as mentioned below :

  1. Fill the online application and submit it for the immigration authorities to review your details
  2. Pay the application fees
  3. Attend the interview with the immigration representatives on the scheduled date and time
  4. Submit character and medical certificate along with the other desired documents

On average, all immigration applications are processed by IRCC in 6 to 10 months. The candidates must remain patient and hope the best results as good things take time.

Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency Visa:

The PR status holders get to enjoy multi-fold benefits during their stay in Canada. Following is a detailed mentioned about them:
  1. Permanent Residency holders can apply for citizenship of Canada,
  2. They have the right to live, work or study in any Canadian province,
  3. PR status candidates are protected under the Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom,
  4. Candidates get to avail all social and health care benefits pretty much similar to those enjoyed by the citizens of Canada,


Immigration to Canada is easy but you, as the applicant may get overwhelmed and confused with so much information on the web. A reputed and trusted immigration consultancy can not only answer your queries but also help in the successful filling of your immigration application.

We at Round World Immigration, a reliable consultancy with knowledgeable and diligent executives are here to fulfill your dreams of a flourishing life in Canada. Whether you are a high school pass out or a Ph.D. holder, whether you are 21 years old or 50 years old, whether you desire to study or work in Canada, we have the knowledge and the experience to ease and fast-track your Canadian immigration and Permanent Residency Process.



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