How to Get ECA for Canada in India ?

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How to Get ECA for Canada in India ?

WES is an abbreviation for World Education Services. Its Authenticate the Document and do the ECA for canada pr visa for each of the immigrants who wants to migrate to Canada through express entry or pnp program.

WES is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 and has been since operating in the international education sector.WES is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 and has been since operating in the international education sector. 

It strives to offer the desired set of tools and advice to students and skilled immigrants to help them make wise decisions regarding their education, immigration, and employment in Canada and the United States. 

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Who is WES? and How They do ECA for Canada PR Visa?

WES is a renowned and trusted organization for candidates seeking academic and professional success. In their 45 years of existence, they have evaluated over 2 million people worldwide and their evaluations are widely accepted across 2500 educational, business, corporate and government organizations across the USA and Canada.

There are also some free tools to allow students to enhance their profiles and decide the future course of action for their education and professional career.

Academics Evaluation by WES for Canada PR Visa:

Academic qualifications like bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, diploma certificates, or titles earned at other educational institutes are valuable credentials for career growth and professional development of an individual.

If a candidate is willing to travel to Canada or US for education or employment opportunities, it is supremely important to get the academic documents verified and evaluated by WES to be able to demonstrate their validity and authenticity to schools, universities and employers.

WES takes 7 business days from the date of receiving full payment and all supporting documents to evaluate an application. The candidate receives a detailed evaluation report on successful completion of evaluation.

WES Document Validation Criteria:

WES only validates documents that fulfill the below criteria:

  • Have been issued by recognized educational institutes
  • Have either been issued in English or have been translated to English
  • Have been signed and sealed by the authorized authority

Documents Required for ECA Canada:

Depending upon the country in which the candidate has educated from, the instructions about which documents are to be submitted to WES and the submission process will vary.

It is important for the applicant to follow all guidelines to ensure that the document validation process is completed in the first attempt itself.

It is suggested that the candidate advises his/her educational institute to use the “academic records request form” before generating and/or releasing the candidate’s academic documents. This will provide precise instructions for the institute with details on how to prepare and submit certificates or degrees to WES on behalf of the candidate.

There are certain generic instructions that the candidate must follow irrespective of his place of education. Please read them below:

  • The candidate must first fill the WES application and get a WES reference number. He/she must send documents for verification only after he/she has received the WES reference number. He/She must also mention the WES reference number or all documents to be sent. WES shall not be responsible for documents sent without WES reference numbers.
  • The applicant must send the documents to WES by post or through a courier service. The documents must be sealed in an envelope with the institution’s name on it. There must be a seal, stamp or signature from the official officer of the institution overlapping the back of the flap of the envelope. WES does not accept documents if the seal is broken or the envelope is opened.
  • The candidate must never submit documents to WES by email or in email attachments as WES does not accept the documents like this.
  • If asked by WES, the candidate may have to send the original documents to WES. Unless the candidate is asked by WES, he/she must not send their originals to WES as they can’t be returned to the candidate.
  • If the document requirements of the candidate’s country mention that they can send them the document copy, the candidate may opt to send the documents to WES via FAX. In such a scenario, the candidate must ensure to put name and WES reference number on the cover note and on each page of the document.
  • If a candidate wishes to cancel an application, they can contact the WES through the contact form on their website’s contact page. If the evaluation of the application is complete, it can’t be cancelled and the refund shall not be processed.
  • If the candidate’s application is under evaluation, he/she may change contact information, order more reports, add a recipient, change delivery options or pay balance fee through the online profile. Once the evaluation is complete, the candidate can’t make any changes except adding newly completed degrees, new courses, or any other new credentials.

Once WES evaluates and verifies the application and supporting documents, they generate a detailed report and send it across to the applicant.

There is also a special service of WES Credential Evaluation in which the applicant’s degrees and documents are compared to the standards in the US and Canada. The report of this service assist the schools, employers, and immigration authorities to better understand the applicant’s educational background. This report may include a GPA i.e. grade point average.

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How to get ECA for Canada in india?

Even before that a candidate fills his/her WES application, they must gather all desired documents and keep them ready to submit along with their WES application. This is because WES can’t complete the evaluation of the candidate’s application until it receives all relevant documents.

In certain cases, WES not only asks the candidates to send them the original documents but may even contact the issuing universities or educational institutions for verification. In case the issuing authority has a fee for document verification, that fee is to be borne by the applicant and the applicant is required to pay the fee to the institution directly.

In case WES decides to contact the issuing education institution, the application evaluation times may be increased by a few days to a few weeks depending upon how soon a response is sent from the educational institution to WES.

In the Last:

The candidate must not wait until the last minute to submit documents for WES validation. In fact, they should submit the WES application and required documents several months in advance of university or immigration deadlines. Doing so will ensure the candidate has ample time and fewer chances of missing the important deadlines.

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