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Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189 Visa)

Are you looking to move to Australia for work and live permanently, as you are you are highly qualified in your country? You can also sponsor your family and your relatives too. The Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189 visa) program makes this possible. You don't need to be supported by an employer or someone else under this visa programme. All that counts is skills. Also 189 visa occupation list is important.

What is the Skilled Independent Visa?

This is a visa dependent on points intended for eligible employees not nominated by a government or employer.

It enables successful candidates to permanently live and work anywhere in Australia.

The application may include some dependents of the visa holder.

The Benefits of Skilled Independent Visa

This is a visa to Australia only for permanent purposes. It is for eligible employees who do not obtain government or company support. The major 189 visa benefits are:

  • Stay in Australia forever
  • Study or work in Australia
  • Sponsor your relatives for the other visas
  • Register in Medicare in Australia
  • Australian Citizenship Application
  • Travel in a five-year timeframe to and outside from Australia

The Basic 189 visa Requirements for Australia are given below

  • You must be under the age of 50
  • You need to have certification skills
  • These skills must be tested by an authority approved
  • You have to speak English well enough
  • Do you need to score at least 60 points on the test table
  • Must satisfy those conditions of health and character

What is the Process of the 189 Visa?

This visa is for professional workers not promoted by an employer, a state or territory or a family member. This visa is focused on points. With this visa, you can live and work anywhere in Australia indefinitely, and your application can include eligible family members. It is a permanent visa which requires visa holders to remain completely entitled to work permanently in Australia.

To apply for the visa of Subclass 189, you must complete a qualifications test and obtain the appropriate score. The score you mention on your invitation letter must be met.

First, SkillSelect will require the submission of Expression of Interest (EOI). A number of questions about your experience, expertise and related job history will be asked by The SkillSelect Program. The Australian authorities will see your EOI as well as Australian employers, who might look for someone to recruit from you.

You can apply for the 189 visa if you receive a candidacy or sponsorship and your EOI meets visa requirements.

You must be sponsored by an employer or family member or nominated by a state or territory government under the Federal Independent Work Visa (subclass 189). When a suitable sponsor is selected, a letter inviting you to apply for the visa will be sent.

You can find an employer through the SkillSelect programme if you have no qualified relative or employer to sponsor you. This programme correlates with eligible employees who search for employers from outside the country. You may also be nominated by a State or Territory Government through this programme.

189 visa points calculator is the most systemic and well-organized way for highly educated and highly skilled employees to immigrate.

Skilled independent visa is listed under Australia Point System Visa, and the possible applicants for permanent residential visas from Australia consider this visa to be generally accepted. Visa 189 is absolutely dependent on the range,

For Australian Permanent Residency Visa, you need to apply for at least 65 marks. The minimum points however allow you to apply for Australia PR, they will not guarantee the Australian Government's Invitation to Apply (ITA). To know more details check 189 visa points calculator.

189 Visa Processing Time

The visa processing period is around 8-9 months in Subclass 189.

Professional Independent (Subclass 189) It takes up to 8 months for a visa that is also one of the most critical items tested, after the applicant submits a completed request to issue direct permanent resident allowances.

You can expect a case officer from the Australian Immigration Department to contact you in connection with different questions during this specific period. This could happen at approximately 5.5. monthly as you may need more documentation to prove your qualifications in education or past or continuous job experience.

Your application is considered re-submitted after the documents have been uploaded and can therefore take between 45 and 60 days to be issued the visa for a subclass 189 visa. If you are not contacted by the Case Officer, after 4.5 months of submission of your application for an Individual Skilled Visa (subclass 189), you can expect to obtain the visa award.

Subclass 189 Visa Cost

Subclass 189 Visa Fees


Primary Adult Applicant

AUD 4,045

Additional Adult Applicant (above 18 years)

AUD 2,020

Dependent Child (below 18 years)

AUD 1,105


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