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Visitor Visa for Canada and Australia
Visitor visa
Canada & Australia

Visitor Visa for Canada and Australia

Canada and Australia are two beautiful countries that deserve due attention. Nationals of many Countries wishing to visit Australia and Canada for business visits and tourist visits, so today we are going to discuss the Visitor Visa for Canada & Australia.

Visitor Visa in Australia:

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) was proposed to supersede the complicated application process for Australia visitor visa. When you get your unique authorization number (UAN), it will be valid for three months to live in Australia.

Benefits and Requirement for ETA:

  1. Each stay allows you to three months.
  2. You are get12 months’ validity period to live in Australia.
  3. Business visitor activities are not restricted
  4. You must not have any criminal convictions.
  5. You can handle business negotiations, inquiries, attend conferences, etc.
  6. Allowed to study for the period of your visa validity.
  7. You do not have employment rights in Australia.

Documents required for Visitor Visa in Australia:

Here is the list of Document requires when you apply for the Australia tourist visa:

  1. You have confirmed return air tickets.
  2. Two recent passport-size color photographs.
  3. Your Original passport.
  4. Your passport has at least six months of validity remaining and with a minimum of three blank pages.
  5. Copy of the first, last page and all used and unused pages of the current passport should be approved.

Visitor Visa in Canada:

Canada visitor visa is for a short term stay like visit relatives and family or for a vacation, study a course or short term work responsibility for less than six months. Visitors to Canada under these categories will need to apply for a Canada visitor visa.

Canada Visitor Visa Categories:

There are various categories for a Canada visitor visa, depending on the purpose of your visit.

  1. Visa for Visit on Business
  2. A temporary Resident or visitor visa
  3. Super visa for grandparents and parents

Visa for Visit on Business

Any person who wants to tour Canada briefly for the following purposes is considered Business visitor:

  1. If you are looking for a business opportunity.
  2. To build your business relationships with stakeholders in Canada.

If you are planning to stay for more than six months or looking for a job in Canada, you will be considered as a temporary worker and will need to apply for a work permit visa.

A temporary resident or visitor visa

If you are a tourist to visit Canada for a holiday, then you will need a temporary visitor visa. It’s an official document that is stamped on your passport by the Canadian consulate official. The stamp is proof that you met with all the conditions to enter Canada.

Super visa for grandparents and parents

The super visa permit required for the parent or a grandparent who wants to visit Canada to be with children or grandchildren.

Unlike a regular visitor visa which only allows you to stay in Canada for six months, the super visa will enable you to stay in Canada for up to two years.

Documents Required:

The following documents will be required when you apply for the above category :

  1. Pay balances.
  2. Notice Assessment T4/T1 of the recent tax year
  3. Bank statements
  4. Employment Insurance stubs
  5. Employment letter


The expert counselors at Round World Immigration can help you with the right direction of the Visa process for your Visitor Visa. A good Visa consultant will play an important role and can advise you on the best approach to apply for a visitor visa to Canada or Australia.

Visitor Visa is Required For any person wanting to travel, holiday, visit a place, visit relatives or friends or even write an exam or undergo medical treatment. visitor visa Canada comes with different facility and benefits.

  • Visas are easily granted for applicants who have a genuine intent or have traveled overseas before & have the finances to support themselves in the country they are visiting.
  • More often than not, an assessment is based on documents submitted & the visa interviews are rare.
  • Visa is granted for three to six months for first time applicants based on the country which they are applying, those who have visited before can apply for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years depending on their profile and country..
  • Only the US requires the applicant to attend a personal interview if he hasn’t traveled before, all other countries ask for a personal interview very rarely. The visa is stamped on the passport or by mail.

Visa Assissment

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Visa requirements vary from country to country and it also depends on your nationality. For some countries & nationals, the tourist visa should be obtained before traveling, while for some it is granted on arrival.

You will get your visa if you prove your intent is genuine, documentation is correct & complete, you have funds & will return before your visa expires.

When you choose us, you increase the probability of getting your visa stamping and making the process as smooth as possible.

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