QUEBEC PNP Program For Canada In 2019

QUEBEC PNP Program For Canada In 2019

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The Quebec PNP, consisting of Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker Program. You Can Check Quebec PNP Draw, eligibility, CRS Points and Processing time here time to time. QUEBEC PNP is formulated to signal the immigrants to become financially sound on immigration to Quebec.

The applicants who want to reside and settle in Montreal or other cities or regions in Quebec go through a process of the system which is slightly different from settling in other parts of Canada. This system is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QUEBEC PNP).

Applicants who get through the Regular Skilled Worker Program, and have issued a Quebec Selection Certificate, also known as CSQ, which is then followed by a Canadian Permanent Resident (Immigration) Visa. The applicants to the program are assessed and judged and selected based upon distinct selection criterion than those of the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the government of Canada acknowledges Quebec’s selection of applicants by issuing permanent resident visas to successful applicants, once the investigations pertaining to criminal records and the medical checkups are performed.

In order to qualify for a CSQ, one must garner sufficient points under the Quebec Immigration selection system. A single (unmarried) applicant must score at least 50 points based on this system, while an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 59 points.

Points Required for QUEBEC PNP Express Entry Visa:

Selection Criteria for Quebec immigration can be characterized as follows:

Education Criteria One can gain up to 14 pts (Cutoff Score = 2 points
Areas Of Training and Skills One can gain up to 12 pts.
Valid Offer of Employment One can gain up to 10 pts.
Work Experience of the Applicant


One can gain up to 8 pts.
Age of the applicant


One can gain up to 16 pts.
Expertise in French & English Language.


One can gain up to 22 pts.
Any Family member in Quebec


One can gain up to 8 pts.
Status of spouse / common-law partner. accompaniment


One can gain up to 17 pts
An accompaniment of a number of children.


One can gain up to 8 pts
Financial Status of the Applicant


One can gain up to 1 point.


Quebec PNP Process to Get Canada PR Visa :

Suppose a person wants to go and settle in the Quebec State of Canada and wants to apply for a PR Visa. Suppose that person also wants to get a dependent visa for his or her spouse. Then firstly he has to fill up the Visa application form and will require documents namely copies of all his educational certificates, professional certificates, work experience certificates, identity proof copy, passport copy , present address proof copy,

  • IELTS pass certificate in original, pass certificate of 1 one of these French Tests:
  1. Test d`Evaluation du Français (TEF),
  2. Test d`Evaluation du français adapté pour le Québec (TEFaQ),
  3. Test de connaissance du français (TCF),
  4. Test de connaissance du français pour le Québec (TCFQ),
  5. Diplôme d`études en langue française (DELF/DALF),
  • Apart From this these are the following document is required :
  1. birth certificate copy,
  2. marriage registration certificate copy,
  3. property certificate copy,
  4. Net worth certificate copy,
  5. Bank statements copy,
  6. authentication of the degree certificates by the World Education Services,

similarly the details and all the copies of the dependent is also required.

  • Passing the English Language Test as well as an approved French Language Test is a must:

As Quebec is a place having predominantly French & English speaking majority living there, the communication, whether official or personal is primarily done in French or English. For this purpose, the immigrant needs to possess sound English language skills.

But how that can be judged?

For this purpose, an English language test started getting conducted in several centers throughout the world.

The examination was named the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This examination lately has been found to be held in 3 million centers across the globe. The IELTS examination comprises of exams judging four aptitudes.

The exam is for English Reading, English Writing, English Speaking and English Listening. The grade is given for the exam in between 0-9. The maximum marks for the grade are 9. While the form for IELTS Exam is filled the exam occurs after 15 to 30 days gap.

In that gap period, the British Council sends several study materials which the examinees practice before they sit for the exams. If a person scores a high grade in this IELTS exam then his chances of Visa clearance rises as he gets high Band for the IELTS clearance.

  • Authorization of the highest degrees of the persons by the World Education Services

The highest degrees are authorized by an education council, World Education Services (WES) which assesses and scrutinizes the fact that whether the degree is a proper one or fake. For this purpose, the World Education Services takes a charge.

  • QUEBEC PNP Point Distribution in Education:

As far as the education eligibility are concerned they are bifurcated into various points criterion:


Secondary school vocational diploma -6 points
Post-secondary school general diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies -4 points
Post-secondary school technical diploma attesting to 1–2 years of full-time studies -6 points
Post-secondary school technical diploma attesting to 3 years’ full-time studies – 8 points
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 1 or more years of full-time studies – 4 points
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 2 or more years of full-time studies -6 points
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 3 or more years of full-time studies -10 points
Master’s Degree -12 points
Doctorate – 14 points
Maximum – 14 points


  • Valid Offer of Employment

If an applicant has a valid offer of employment in the city of Montreal, where it is in the metropolitan region of Montreal then that applicant accumulates 8 points whereas if the applicant has an offer of employment outside the metropolitan region of Montreal, then, in that case, the applicant accumulates 10 points.

  • Work Experience Criterion

A work experience of 4 years or more lets the applicants garner 8 points whereas work experience in between 2 and 4 years yields 6 points. A work experience in between 6 months and 2 years yields them 4 points. Lastly, it is to be said that the work experience less than 2 points yields the applicant no points.

Other PNP Program for Canada PR

Other important pnp program for the Canada pr visa via express entry:


Hence, finally, it can be concluded that if one wants to land up in Quebec under an immigration program for permanent residency then he needs to at least accumulate a standard amount of points to get the PR Visa. You Can Calculate your score for Quebec If you have any question in you mind please comment below. we are very much responsive to solve your query.


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